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3rd Party Audits 

Fleet Audits

We can evaluate your fleet of engines and provide an analysis of federal and state rule applicability. This is can be a helpful part of a due diligence audits in conjunction with sales or acquisitions or as part of voluntary self-audits. The audit report will include a breakdown of federal and state limits, monitoring, testing, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements.

LDAR Audits

Whether its for OGI or Method 21 monitoring requirements, our LDAR audit team will conduct a comprehensive audit of facility records to evaluate:

  • Equipment monitoring is being conducted at the correct frequencies
  • Potential skip frequencies that are qualified for to reduce monitoring requirements
  • Leaks and corresponding repairs or delay of repairs are being correctly documented
  • Timeliness of repairs with required repair deadlines
  • Monitoring data for completeness, feasibility, and potential unusual trends
  • Overall compliance with applicable LDAR regulations
3rd Party Audits 

If you need to include a field audit along with the records audit, we have vendors we partner with to conduct field work.

Our audit service can be a single-event audit or it can be a recurring service at a frequency determined by your company (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.)

We strive to not only provide you with feedback and assessment of your current compliance status, but also look for alternative monitoring frequencies you might qualify for which can reduce the annual cost of monitoring significantly.

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