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Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

The s2c Mobile OGI LDAR program is designed to ensure your compliance with federal, state, and voluntary LDAR programs.

The s2c Mobile platform has an LDAR workflow that allows for administration of an OGI-based LDAR program through a dashboard that provides scheduling tools, leak repair management, reporting tools, and metrics of the overall program. The s2c Edge app is used by operations in the field to capture inspection and repair data that is pushed to your centralized database to provide the required data for reporting. The system will generate notifications and reminders for leak repairs, verifications, and delay of repairs.


  • OOOOa annual report (CEDRI formatted)
  • General (choose your own parameters of what to include for internal or local reporting)
  • Leak Repairs
  • Dashboard metrics
  • GHG leak details report (coming soon)
  • Burndown report (coming soon)

If you have a specific report you need for your LDAR program, we will work with you to generate it.

Unlimited Users. Unlimited Inspections. Unlimited Reports.


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