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Fleet Management 

Fleet Compliance Management

s2c Mobile helps you manage your stationary engines for EPA and state rule compliance. Reduce your compliance costs by quickly understanding your compliance obligations, storing and organizing your compliance records, and tracking your compliance activities.

Manage your entire engine fleet in one centralized location. Cut down on wasteful communications between customers and vendors by allowing secure access through the s2c Mobile Portal to be able to view engine details, emissions limits, rule applicability, reports, and emissions testing.

Fleet Management 

RICE Applicability

We get your answers in seconds instead of hours when it comes to determining RICE (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine) rule applicability. We provide the exact citation for Federal and State rules that apply to your engines and manage your compliance activities. Want to know where your stationary engines fit into the rules and what activities are necessary to remain in compliance? We cover Compression Ignition (Diesel / Dual Fuel) and Spark Ignition (Natural Gas, Landfill Gas, etc.) Engines for a variety of fuel types and combustion strategies so we can pin-point your engine rule applicability. We’ve mapped the Federal Rules (NSPS JJJJ, NSPS IIII, RICE NESHAP ZZZZ) and all 50 States to give you the exact answer you need to determine how compliance affects your organization.

s2c Mobile determines rule applicability in seconds instead of hours. Whether you are interested in single engine or an entire fleet, s2c Mobile quickly analyses the engine(s) and provides a detailed assessment of compliance activities required.

Fleet Management 

Engine Emissions Stack Testing

Stack testing is a key operational and logistical challenge for companies trying to stay in compliance with Federal and State Stationary Engine Rules. s2c Mobile helps you track and manage your stack testing activities and streamline communication through our Emissions Testing Module and Customer Portal. s2c Mobile makes it easy to track scheduled and past tests so you always have the documentation to prove that you are in compliance with the rule testing schedule and record keeping requirements. We allow you to make scheduling tests and communicating with your team, customers, and vendors a breeze. Emissions reports, notifications, and documents centralize your testing operations and allow you to securely share information with your team and your customers.

To help reduce the risk of failed tests or unplanned call-outs, s2c Mobile trends the test-over-test results against the permit limits and generates a report that indicates a green light, yellow light, red light status. Red lights indicate a 90% probability of failing the next test. This feature works best with engines that are tested with a portable emissions analyzer (PEA) on a quarterly basis.

Fleet Management 

Forms & Reports

s2c Mobile gives you a variety of options to make actionable decisions on your fleet for compliance activities. From Fleet Compliance Reports, Engine Pedigree Statements, Full Rule Requirements, and Notifications are some examples of what kind of documentation is seamlessly provided.

Fleet Management 

System Notifications & Reminders

s2c Mobile allows you to be informed of fleet or compliance changes and upcoming compliance activities via email notifications. s2c Mobile encourages collaboration by sending system notifications to users who are responsible for tasks – whether they are account owners, vendors, or clients.

Fleet Management 

Documents Management

s2c Mobile holds all forms of auditable records for engine maintenance, emissions controls, and compliance documents and notifications.  Centralize your compliance records to improve communication and reduce risk.

Regulatory audits are stressful, confusing, and time consuming experiences.  The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling for documentation on something that happened up to five years ago especially if the engine has moved facilities.  s2c Mobile will minimize compliance audit risk by maintaining your engine information and compliance documents to demonstrate your records and operations meet Federal and State air rule requirements.

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